Tales from the Vineyard

1. Calenda Maia  Raimbaut de Vaqueiras, 12th Century Provencal (2:13)

2. Heart's Ease  anonymous, 16th Century English (3:46)

3. ...Traditional Ukranian (5:13)

4. Tarantella del Gargano     anonymous, Italian (Carpino dialect) 17th Century (5:55)

5. If I Were A Blackbird  Irish Traditional (5:39)

6. Bon Vin  anonymous, 16th Century French (2:58)

7. Tres Hermanicas  anonymous, 16th Century Ladino (4:22)

8. O Madame  Pierre Certon, 1552, French (dance: Bransle de Poitou) (4:54)

9. Ddoi di Dai  Traditional Welsh (3:14)

10. Tant Que Vivray  Claudin de Sermisy, 16th Century French (3:50)

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