A Jurgen Gothe Hit List 2002 selection

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The Mists of Avalon

"Not since 1999 has Owain Phyfe graced us with a new recording, and it's been longer still since The New World Renaissance Band has recorded with him. So we are doubly blessed with the release of Tales from the Vineyard. Owain and friends again bring new life to the music of ages past. His singing---in languages of Romance, plus Welsh, Ukranian and English---is warm and inviting, and the songs are every bit as seductive as wine from the finest vineyards. The New World Renaissance Band is expanded this time around. Additional members and guest performers extend the range of musical colors and hues we have come to associate with Owain's music. But overall, the instrumentation and arrangements are light and intimate, and compliment in every way the singer and song. For those who have already been charmed by the music of Owain Phyfe and The New World Renaissance Band, you need only know here are ten more delightful sources of enchantment. For newcomers, Tales from the Vineyard will cast a spell like none you've ever known."

---Walt Haake, Producer & Host
The Mists of Avalon
Sergeantsville, NJ

---from My Top Ten Favorites of 2002

Owain Phyfe and The New World Renaissance Band, Tales From the Vineyard

"Owain Phyfe has to possess one of the most compelling voices around -- his voice is sweet and expert without sounding overly trained. Tales From The Vineyard was the first recording that I had heard by him and I was immediately enchanted -- harp, viola da gamba, cello, recorders and other such instruments abound. On this recording, Owain sings songs from the Renaissance of Europe and one incredibly beautiful song from the Ukraine. This (and all of the recordings on this label) are just made for those long cold winter nights where you are curled up by a fire, on a comfortable chair with your cat in your lap and a glass of fine, dry French wine at your table side. (Or if you are not in the mood for wine, I also love curling up with this recording and a glass of hot steamed milk with just a wee bit of maple syrup in it)."

      ---Gypsy Flores
PopMatters Music Critic,
Program Host of Global Village,
KUSP Radio, Santa Cruz, CA


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