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Recorded twenty-five years ago, Voice & Vihuela is the once “lost” first album of Owain Phyfe. The album features his earliest recordings—from the period in which he was transitioning from modern life as an automotive engineer to that of a full-time performer of ancient song.

An ambitious album, culling music from more than eight Old World regions and spanning 500 years, it reveals most intimately the passionate craft of a truly gifted performer. As its title suggests, Voice & Vihuela features only the solo vocal and instrument of Owain Phyfe. The album itself bears no production embellishments or overcrowded instrumentation, making it the most raw of any Phyfe album.

“It has been an emotional and magical experience unearthing this gem from the Nightwatch Recording audio vault. We are overjoyed to see this beautiful recording now returned to the light! It allows long-time fans a chance to witness Phyfe’s artistry anew, and contributes distinctively to an already compelling catalog of ancient music.” ~Barak Phyfe, Nightwatch Recording

Voice & Vihuela is one of the finest showcases of ancient music, presented freshly for modern generations by a true BARD FOR THE AGES!

Voice & Vihuela

1. Now O Now I Needs Must Part  John Dowland (1:37)

2. Il Prigioniero  Giovanni Gastoldi (1:19)

3. Es Warb Ein Schöner Jüngling  Ludwig Senfl (2:29)

4. Drive The Cold Winter Away  Anonymous (1:48)

5. O Lady, For Thy Constancie (Adeu, O Desie Of Delight)  (lyrics) Alexander Montgomerie
     On The Banks Of Helicon  (melody) Andrew Blackhall (2:42)

6. Toda Mi Vida Os Amé  Luis de Milán (1:01)

7. Mignonne, Allon Voir Si La Rose  Pierre de Ronsard (2:11)

8. What Then Is Love But Mourning  Phillip Rosseter (1:34)

9. In Hac Valle Florida  (lyrics) MS of Benediktbeuern
     Dissembling Love  (melody) John Playford (1:16)

10. Pastime With Good Company  Henry VIII (1:31)

11. Mon Coeur Se Recommande À Vous  Anonymous (2:29)

12. Fortune My Foe  Anonymous (1:11)

13. Variations On:  The Peacefull Westerne Winde  (lyrics) Thomas Campion
       Folk Song From Celtic Brittany  (melody) Anonymous (2:25)

14. La Sirena  Giovanni Gastoldi (1:27)

15. Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie  Thoinot Arbeau (1:19)

16. Depairt, Depairt  Alexander Scott (1:16)

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