Poets, Bards, & Singers of Song

1. Special Province...(0:17)

2. Ja Nus Hons Pris  Richard The Lion Heart, 12th Century (4:29)

3. Fa La La Lan  anon., lyrics attributed to Juan Del Encina (3:26)

4. Worldes Blis     anonymous, 13th Century England (2:05)

5. El Rey De Francia  Traditional Sephardic (6.28)

6. L'Amor Dona Ch'io Te Porto  anon., 16th Century Italian (2:37)

7. O Che Diletto  Giovanni Gastoldi, 16th Century Italian (3:20)

8. My Fate  poem by Abraham Cowley, set by William King, 17th Century, England (3:45)

9. Pucelete  anon., 13th Century France (1:52)

10. Una Matika  Traditonal Sephardic, Bosnia (4:47)

11. Mes Pas Semez  Adrian Le Roy, 1555, France (3:38)

12. Alle, Psallite Cum Luya  anon., 13th Century French motet, Latin text (1:21)

13. A Health To The Company  Tradional Irish (5:23)

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