Bard Owain Phyfe has managed to turn up at dozens of Renaissance & Medieval Festivals across North America. In Doug Allyn's Country of the Blind, however, one of 13 Medieval murder mysteries in Cumberland House's short story collection, Murder Most Medieval, Phyfe ("Owyn Phyffe," as Doug Allyn spells it), manages to turn up in 12th Century England. "One...Owyn Phyffe, Bard of Wales and the Western World..." Allyn describes him as "a small, compactly built dandy, blond-bearded and handsome as the devil's cousin, ...a famed performer on both sides of the border and on the continent as well. A son and grandson of Welsh minstrels, ...a master of the craft. And well aware of it." As writer Allyn spins the tale, Owain Phyfe finds himself knee-deep in murder and mayhem as set in a medieval world. Who-done-it readers can find Murder Most Medieval (Cumberland House Publishing) at most fine book stores. Doug Allyn's other works include: Icewater Mansions, Motown Underground, & The Cheerio Killings.

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