Issue 62, 1998

Odyssey by The New World Renaissance Band

Have you ever been to Strausbourg on the French/German border? This is a city that somehow got stuck in the Renaissance era. In my youth, I had the joy of spending a period of time living with some European musicians who performed Renaissance music in Strausbourg taverns. The experience brings chills to my spine as I write this----as did this CD. If you have ever enjoyed a modern-day Renaissance Faire or a special pagan or science fiction gathering, you will love this music. Owain Phyfe's vocals are melodious and hipnotic, at times in voking Latin and other ancient languages, which adds further to overall authenticity. I can easily close my eyes while listening to this music, lie back and dream myself back into the Renaissance era. This music feels like Leonardo daVinci and Michelangelo, without the Black Plague.

---Michael Peter Langevin


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