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Vol. 1./ Issue #4

Once Upon A Time
by Cantiga

This is one of those rare, perfect albums that brings new life to early music by arranging the songs in an almost modern style. The result is that every second is filled with fresh delights.

As the title implies, each selection evokes magic and enchantment. With the haunting, lyrical sound of recorders, and the driving rhythms of the percussion section, the music delivers.

The songs themselves range from 13th to 18th centuries, and are drawn from Ireland, England, France and Spain.

Overall, this album is a genuine masterpiece

---Pawlyn ap Gryffydd
Clef Notes



"Once upon a Time by Cantiga... Herein be wounderous magic, cunning, artful, full of spirits, fit to conjure up a dream withal. This fair and silver orb abounds in delight like unto a warm and birdfilled summer dusk."

Pat McElroy
WQRS-FM Detroit, MI





"...With so much music being released these days, it is a joy to stock a recording so pleasing to the ears... This CD sells itself!"

Dan Warner
Webster Records, St. Louis, MO




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