Where Beauty Moves and Wit Delights




"Just when I had almost worn out their disc Live the Legend, the New World Renaissance has come out with Where Beauty Moves and Wit Delights, a release that engages the ear, warms the heart, and even gets the toes to tapping. The instrumental tracks are accessible even to those who think they don't like early music; the vocals have me singing along every time. My favorite cut is 'Since First I Saw Your Face' by Thomas Ford. It makes even the worst day go better!"

Carolyn Gardner
Music Director - Radio Kansas




Disc Drive, CBC Radio

From the annual Top Ten Hit List of Jurgen Gothe, the Vancouver-based host of the Canadian Broadcast Company Radio program "DiscDrive": "This is it. It's the time of the year when hundreds of hours of listening winnows to a sizeable few." "The Hit List has been around for five years, so popular with listeners that they phone from christmas to Easter to get a copy. Gothe starts in the spring, spinning his way through nearly 300 new CD's in every musical genre, from classical to pop." ---The Financial Post Magazine Toronto, Ontario Canada (Disc No. 5) The New World Renaissance Band - Where Beauty Moves and Wit Delights "A Sparkling ensemble (from Texas and Michigan) making ancient music spring to life---by keeping the instruments in tune and maintaining a sense of humor. No museum pieces here, despite the fact they are all 'ancient songs of love and adventure' Owain Phyfe leads with voice and a wire-strung instrument called the chitarra battente. There is clarity, charm and excellent production ----fine packaging for the disc, too. If you feel that much of early music is the domain of the academics, let these latter-day troubadors entertain your next dinner party with vitality and joy." ----Jurgen Gothe



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